8 Must-Haves In Every Auto Owner’s Cleaning Kit


Don't be fooled by the outside. Underneath all that dirt, grime, and bird poop is a pristine vehicle just waiting to come out. But before you can show her off, you'll need to clean her up. So, what do you need to get the job done? Well, grab your auto cleaning kit, and let's get started!

In this post, car care experts from All Star Honda will go over the must-haves in your auto cleaning kit and provide some tips on how to use them. By having these simple items, you'll have your car looking good as new in no time! So, pull out your vacuum cleaner, a bucket of soapy water, and chamois cloths, and let's get started!

1. Buckets With Grit Guards

The first item you'll need is a bucket - not just any bucket, but a bucket with a grit guard. A grit guard is a device that sits in the bottom of your bucket and helps keep the dirt and grime from swirling around and getting back on your vehicle. It's an essential tool for keeping your car clean, so make sure to use one!

2. Car Vacuum Cleaner

The next item you'll need is a car vacuum cleaner. That's a must-have piece of equipment for getting all the dirt, dust, and crumbs out of those hard-to-reach places. Make sure to get one with a long cord so you can reach every corner of your vehicle.

3. Wash Mitts

The next item on our list is wash mitts. These are essential for keeping your hands clean while washing your car. They also help protect your vehicle's finish from scratches.

4. Car Wash Soap

The next item you'll need is car wash soap. There're many different types of car wash soap available, so make sure to choose one designed for use on your type of vehicle finish.

5. Bucket Dolly

Another essential tool for auto detailing is a bucket dolly. This is a device that allows you to quickly move your bucket of water and cleaning supplies around your vehicle. It makes your job a lot easier, especially if you have a sedan.

6. Car Shampoo

Car shampoo is another obvious and vital cleaning product for your auto detailing kit. The shampoo helps remove dirt and grime from your vehicle's paint and can also help restore its shine.

7. Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are essential for drying your vehicle after you've washed it. These towels are incredibly soft and won't scratch your vehicle's paint, so they're perfect for use on delicate surfaces.

8. Wheel Brushes

Wheel brushes are designed to reach the hard-to-clean areas around your car's wheels. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Get Your Car Cleaned Up with All Star Honda

Well, there you have it! Our list of the must-haves in your auto cleaning kit. By having these easy-to-snag items, you'll be able to clean every nook and cranny of your car and have it looking good as new in no time.

And if you're feeling overwhelmed or need some help getting started, don't worry. Car care experts from All Star Honda are here to help. Serving in Muskego, WI, offer various car care services, from routine maintenance to full-on detailing. Hence, schedule an appointment today and let us take care of everything for you. Thanks for reading!